The SAS Self-Defence Manual - John Lofty Wiseman

The SAS Self-Defence Manual

By John Lofty Wiseman

  • Release Date: 1997-09-15
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


Written by a former Survival Instructor of the SAS (Special Air Service - one of the world’s best special forces units), The SAS Self-Defence Manual provides easy-to-follow illustrated instructions for both men and women on coping with all kinds of threatening situations, from muggings to knife attacks. The author teaches you strategies for both avoiding conflict and getting out of a dangerous situation quickly and safely. Learn how mental attitude, body language, assertiveness, and the ability to overcome fear can prevent you from becoming a prime target for criminals. Discover which body parts are the most effective weapons in fending off an attacker, and which are the most likely targets for attack. Defend yourself from sudden grabs, knife attacks, strangles, blunt weapons, and road rage. And find out how to deliver the SAS five-second knockout, a defence previously available only to British SAS soldiers themselves. First published in 1997, this is a classic self-defence handbook that is packed full of key information and practical instructions.