Gone With the Wolves - Ruby Raine

Gone With the Wolves

By Ruby Raine

  • Release Date: 2018-05-09
  • Genre: Paranormal


Things are looking up for new witch, Dani Harper—she said, never! Or only if she was living in fantasyland—except that she is. At least, that's what it feels like. Almost overnight, she's gone from a broke and restless full-time student and dog walker, to a super wealthy heiress and witch with a sexy werewolf cop keeping her short and curvy self hot and bothered every night. Oh, and three cats who talk to her. 

While some would say things were definitely looking up, Dani can't see it. Because while she'd never give up her new werewolf lover or her pets, she'd burn every damn dollar of her new fortune and give up her legacy as a witch to get her mom and aunt back from the dead. 

And all the money in the world will not stop the supernatural hitmen hell bent on killing her and ending the Harper Witch bloodline. It also won't help her learn how to control her new witchy powers. Something she's been ignoring—because look at what it did to her aunt and mother? It put them both in early graves. And chances are, Dani will be taking up the spot next to them sooner than later. 

However, when a series of unusual break-ins wreaks havoc on Blueberry Island and her live-in lover and werewolf cop, Galen Wilde, strikes out on the case and ends up bringing home unexpected guests, everything changes and Dani has to make a choice. 

Choose to be a witch and take on the legacy. 
Or don't be a witch and find her own way in the world. 

However, her new guests allow her to see another possible future. One where it's not just about accepting her heritage, or not, but using it to make those she lost, proud, by keeping their memories alive through good deeds done in their honor. And in the process, Dani might just find her own way through this chaotic supernatural world she never knew existed, and isn't sure she wants to be a part of. 

Dani can't bring her family back from the dead, but if she can overcome her fear and believe in her destiny as a good witch, she just might get something as irreplaceable in return.